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MOD Iptv Extreme Pro

Discussion in 'Apps' started by buio2005, Aug 26, 2017.

  1. buio2005

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    IPTV Extreme Pro


    IPTV Extreme Pro

    Hello !
    It's a really comprehensive app with dozens of dozens of settings to refer to

    ..among which
    -Excellent and accurate EPG
    -Possibility to choose sources Epg
    -Transcoding with Chromecast (which I did not personally have so not tested but I know it works great)
    -Possibility to manage Player as default (excellent) or external like Xmtv or MxPlayer etc ..
    -Many settings for style and display including grid size and display type
    etc -...


    -Modified Playstore


    -If i have not root I can not install Luckypatcher (intended as the use of all own functions)
    -If i have not Luckypatcher I can not install the modified Playstore
    -The modified Playstore is useful to DO NOT invalidate the application license

    For those without Root can use the non-Pro version that contains various advertisements
    _HTTPS: //play.google.com/store/apps/details? id = com.pecana.iptvextreme & hl = en

    Or the one paying
    _HTTPS: //play.google.com/store/apps/details? id = com.pecana.iptvextremepro & hl = en

    How to do:

    Download and install IPTV Extreme pro

    Then download and install luckyPatcher ( from the Store ) go to settings (three dots) below appears bar information tap on Tools and from list = Installed playstore modified (leave that selected from list) then it will be installed and overwritten to existing , for everything else it will work as before updates App etc ..

    NOTES: If you have Xposed installed Luckypatcher will ask you to activate the module tap YES , for those who have not installed Xposed it works as well
    The application does NOT have any preinstalled list it works with personal lists
    They are uploaded either in .m3u , link , or Xstream Portal format

    Please login or register to view download links
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    Спасибо !! Попробую !!